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Frequently Asked questions

  • What is a payment gateway?

    An online Payment Gateway is the mechanism that sits between your consumer and you as the Merchant – a little like a virtual PDQ Chip and Pin machine that you would use at your local Petrol Station. The online Payment Gateway will authorise or decline a card payment based on the same principles as a Chip and Pin machine – these include whether there are sufficient funds available, whether the details all matched correctly and whether the has been any fraudulent activity. In order to check these details, the Payment Gateway will liaise with the Card Schemes and Issuing Banks within thousands of a second and report back with its findings and relevant transaction response.

  • What is a Card Acquirer?

    Banks that make arrangements with businesses to accept credit card sales. When you pay for something in a shop, say the money is sent to the acquirer, who puts it into the shops bank account and sends details of the sale to the credit card issuer. The card issuer records the sale and charges it to your account. The acquirer charges the shop a small fee – usually a few pence.

  • How can I get start taking card payments?

    You will firstly require a Merchant Account. Once you have the relevant Merchant Account setup, you can provide us with your Merchant Number and we will get your Payment Gateway set up usually within a few hours.

  • Which cards can I process with CardPayGO?

    We process all the major card types and all the UK issued card types. We also process American Express, JCB and Diners

  • What currencies do CardPayGO process?

    We can process in any currency. To do this, you will require a Multi Currency Merchant Account to be set up by your chosen Merchant Acquirer. You will need to stipulate which currencies you wish to process with them and then inform us of those currencies during your CardPayGO application process.

  • Do CardPayGo collect or handle any funds?

    CardPayGO only authorises payments. We never handle or control any funds through the authorising or settlement process.

  • How long does it take for authorised transactions to appear in my settlement account?

    The length of time it takes for funds to appear in your settlement account depends on the terms and conditions you have with your Merchant Acquirer – we have seen this settlement period take up to 30 days! However, with some positive online trading history, it’s more typical for it to appear within the following three working days.

  • Can I see transaction results in real time?

    Yes – CardPayGO operates a real time Merchant Management System, where you can view and manage all your transactions securely.

  • Can I process Refunds?

    Yes – we can offer refund functionality via the API or manually, via the Merchant Management System.

  • Can I test the CardPayGO platform?

    Yes – we provide Integration Documents and Test Account details for this purpose. Please contact our Support Team please email:

  • How long has your Payment Gateway been running?

    Our Payment Gateway has been offering online payment services since 1999

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